Responsible Off-Roading and Sustainable Tourism in Moab

Preserving Our Trails

Each year, Moab faces the loss of more roads and trails. These closures, once enacted, are permanent. Imagine losing access to your favorite trail. It’s a daunting reality, but there’s a way to combat it: responsible off-roading. This means sticking to established trails and resisting the urge to create new paths. Such actions can lead to further closures.

The Essence of Off-Roading

True off-roading is about embracing the challenges of the trail. This includes going over obstacles rather than avoiding them. It’s also about leaving no trace. Pack out everything you bring in. If you find litter, take a moment to pick it up. Respecting the land is crucial for its preservation.

Community and Tourism Working Together

The “MoabFirst” initiative unites the local community, business owners, land agencies, and government stakeholders. Their goal is to develop sustainable tourism criteria for Moab. This collaboration focuses on balancing economic, social, and environmental impacts. It aims to cater to the needs of visitors, the local community, and the environment.

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism is about understanding and managing the impacts of tourism. It considers not only the present but also the future. This approach ensures that Moab can be enjoyed by generations to come, both by locals and visitors alike.

By practicing responsible off-roading and supporting sustainable tourism efforts, we can all contribute to preserving Moab’s natural beauty and unique off-roading experiences.

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