Chicken Corners Trail Overview

chicken corners
  • Distance: 54-mile round trip from Moab
  • Off-Road Portion: 43 miles of 4-wheel drive trail
  • Estimated Duration: Minimum 3-1/2 hours
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate

Trail Experience

The Chicken Corners Trail offers a moderate off-roading experience that takes you through some of Moab’s most scenic landscapes. Starting from the heart of Moab, the trail meanders alongside the Colorado River, offering stunning views of the canyon and surrounding red rock formations.

Route Description

  • Starting Point: The journey begins at Main Street at Center Street in Moab.
  • Into the Canyon: Travel south on Main, then right on Kane Creek Boulevard, heading into the Colorado River Canyon, below Moab.
  • Through Kane Springs Canyon: The trail follows the breathtaking Kane Springs Canyon, climbing the Kane Creek anticline to the Hurrah Pass.

Key Highlights

  • Hurrah Pass: This is a pivotal point on the trail, providing spectacular views as it descends towards the river benches.
  • Kane Creek Ford: An exciting creek crossing that can become challenging after storms or during heavy spring melts.
  • Chicken Corners: The trail’s namesake, this section presents a narrow, sloping path with the river far below. It’s a thrilling spot that has historically allowed the more cautious to walk.

Safety and Navigation

  • Weather Preparedness: Always check weather conditions before embarking on the trail.
  • Water Crossings Caution: Kane Creek Ford can be tricky; do not attempt in high water.
  • Navigating Chicken Corners: While exhilarating, the narrow path can be intimidating. It’s perfectly acceptable to walk this section if you’re uncomfortable driving it.

Scenic Views and Return

The trail winds along river benches, capped with fossil-bearing limestone, offering unique geological sights. On your return journey, keep an eye out for an unusual arch near the trail east of the major wash crossing, adding another highlight to your adventure.

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