Fins and Things Trail Overview

fins and things
  • Distance: 20-mile round trip from Moab
  • Off-Road Portion: 9.4 miles of 4-wheel drive trail
  • Estimated Duration: Minimum 3 hours
  • Difficulty Level: Difficult

Trail Experience

Fins and Things is a challenging one-way trail known for its slickrock surfaces and steep climbs, suitable for experienced drivers. Starting near the Echo Campground, just 1.9 miles from the Sand Flats Entrance Station, this trail offers an exhilarating off-road experience close to downtown Moab.

Starting Point

  • Trailhead: Located beside campsite ‘E-6’ in Echo Campground, 1.9 miles from the Sand Flats Entrance Station.
  • For ATVs: It’s recommended to start on Sand Flats Road at the Diving Board Rock formation, 3.7 miles from the Entrance Station.
  • Parking: Trailer parking is available on the south side of Sand Flats Road, 1.4 miles from the Entrance Station.

Trail Highlights and Directions

  • Mile 0.0-0.3: Initial gravel road, leading up a slickrock dome with marked trails.
  • Mile 0.8-1.4: Steep climbs and drops through slickrock ravines; no alternate routes.
  • Mile 1.8: Intersection at Fox Campground with options for steep or easier routes.
  • Mile 2.4-2.5: Passing Hawk Campground and joining Sand Flats Road.
  • Mile 3.5-9.4: The trail continues with varied terrain, including slickrock climbs, canyon views, and marked routes leading back to Sand Flats Road and Moab.

Safety and Navigation

  • Trail Markers: Follow the metal signs and white symbols painted on the slickrock.
  • Hazardous Terrain: Due to challenging sections, the trail is recommended for experienced drivers only.
  • Respect Campgrounds: Drive considerately through campground areas and follow trail signs.

Scenic Views and Return

The trail offers stunning views of Arches National Park and diverse terrain ranging from large canyons to steep slickrock. After completing the trail, a right turn on Sand Flats Road leads back to the Entrance Station and Moab.

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