Top of the World Trail Overview

  • Total Distance: 74 miles (10 miles off-highway)
  • Location: East of Moab, near the Dewey Bridge crossing of the Colorado River
  • Difficulty Level: Challenging, suitable for experienced drivers

Trail Experience

The “Top of the World” trail leads to a spectacular viewpoint on Waring Mesa, offering a breathtaking view of Fisher Valley, Onion Creek, and the La Sal Mountains. This viewpoint is a highlight of a journey that showcases a variety of landscapes.


The trail passes along the base of the Entrada Sandstone cliffs near the Colorado and Dolores rivers. The viewpoint itself is a cliff edge above Fisher Valley, with the La Sal Mountains to the south and views of distant plains and the Book Cliffs to the north. The narrow Onion Creek canyon presents a distinct landscape compared to other areas in Moab.

Surface and Terrain

  • Composition: A mix of graded road and broken layered rock.
  • Challenges: The 4×4 section includes shelves of varying sizes, both ascending to and descending from the overlook.

Trail Details

  • Unique Attractions: The main attraction is the “Top of the World” viewpoint, offering a 360-degree panoramic view.
  • Trail Route: The trail starts off Utah 128 at the site of the old Dewey Bridge, using a graded county road before transitioning into the more challenging four-wheeling section.
  • Four-Wheeling Fun: This section is known for its loose rock and shelf-type climbs, testing the skills of both drivers and their vehicles.

Safety and Navigation

  • Minimum Tire Size: 35+ inches recommended.
  • Navigational Tips: Be prepared for the various terrains, and always stay on the marked trail.

Scenic Views and Return

The viewpoint at the end of the trail is particularly rewarding, often accompanied by strong winds rising from the valley. The return journey retraces the path, offering another opportunity to appreciate the striking colors of the sandstone and the diverse landscapes.

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